First Baptist Church Humboldt TN

From our Pastor
Dr. Greg McFadden & wife, Sheila

A new year brings with it the hope and expectation of grander living!  We will consider everything from losing a few pounds to gaining a new perspective.  Life will be roses in 2015, or at least as we view it from inside the front door.  The reality is that as we walk out into it, things will not go as we first thought.  The flower beds will still need weeding and the lawn must be mowed.  Challenges are going to come to the follower of Christ just the same as the one who lives in disregard of Him.  The difference is our response to those challenges.

Coming in February of this year I will be preaching a series of messages around the Biblical call to holiness.  It is clear in God’s word that the Christ follower is expected to strive to be holy.  “But as the One who called you is holy, you also are to be holy in all your conduct; for it is written, be holy, because I am holy.” I Peter 1:15-16.

My hope is that the Spirit of God will speak directly to each of our hearts about the proper response to life and life’s ups and downs.  The year will be full of them; we should be prepared to let our actions open the door to evangelism.  Holiness points people to Him! I hope you are here to experience it.