First Baptist Church Humboldt TN

From our Pastor
Dr. Greg McFadden & wife, Sheila

Have you ever wondered like me; “Is this it?”  Our cultural Christianity has reduced a walk of faith to little more than a Sunday drive to a nearby church building.  I don’t know about you but I hunger and thirst for so much more.  Maybe the reason that our church rolls are inundated with names of people who once stood before the congregation in determined confession that they want to live for Christ, only to be found months or years later as far from that reality as the one who never even heard of Christ.

What gives?  Maybe there are fewer real encounters with the majestic Son of God than we think.  How can one have an authentic encounter with God and not be driven to want to stay connected to Him?  I can’t imagine that Paul would follow the Damascus Road encounter with a “if it is convenient, I will walk with you” kind of attitude.    He was not, by his own testimony, perfect.  But he was also very passionate about following Christ in faithful obedience.

That idea brings me to a place this fall where I am going to preach a series of messages in October and November that I hope and pray will drive each of us to a more passionate desire to know Him intimately.  I pray His hand would be on us and corporate revival would follow individual experience.  This could be amazing!  Come back to Him, join us.