First Baptist Church Humboldt TN

The singles ministry at First Baptist Church includes young adults who are unmarried  and beginning their careers.  The purpose of the ministry is to provide young adults with an opportunity to Worship God, to grow more like Jesus each day, to serve the church using their unique gifts and abilities, and to fellowship with other believers. 
Many of our singles are graduates from our collegiate ministry who have followed God’s plan for their lives by remaining in the greater Humboldt area to begin careers; while others called Humboldt their hometown before college and have returned after completing their college degrees. Others are newcomers to our area.
No matter what brings you to Humboldt, if you find yourself needing a support group for the beginning of your young adult life, you are very welcome to join us.   We desire to provide you with a positive start to your adult spiritual walk with the Lord.

Join us:
Sundays at 9:30 am as we study through the book of Hebrews.
Thursdays at 7:15 pm at the Babcocks for a study in Mark.